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Classification of sphygmomanometers/blood pressure measuring devices A table of blood pressure measurement devices as recommended by the dabl Educational Trust Advisory Board Table of devices currently available on the market Table of devices that have been discontinued by their manufacturers
Current page: Index of devices discontinued by their manufacturer Table of devices discontinued by their manufacturer

Discontinued Devices Index

Alphabetical index of all discontinued blood pressure measurement devices

For a recommendation table on the discontinued devices below click here. For a list of all devices currently available from suppliers see our Device Index.



Other Names


A&D TM-2420 Model 6   ABPM
A&D TM-2420 Model 7   ABPM
A&D TM-2420/TM-2020   ABPM
A&D TM-2421   ABPM
Advantage Medical Research Daypress 500   ABPM
Boso Mediwatch   SBPM (Wrist)
Braun BP 3000   SBPM (Wrist)
Braun BP 3550   SBPM (Wrist)
Braun PrecisionSensor BP2000   SBPM (Wrist)
Braun PrecisionSensor BP2550   SBPM (Wrist)
Braun PrecisionSensor BP2550 (UG)   SBPM (Wrist)
Braun Vital Scan   SBPM (Wrist)
CAS Model 9010   Clinical Use (Automated)
Colin BP-8800   Clinical Use (Automated)
Colin Pilot 9200   Clinical Use (Automated)
Datex-Engstrom Cardiocap II   Clinical Use (Automated)
Del Mar Avionics Pressurometer IV   ABPM
Disetronic CH-DRUCK   ABPM
Disetronic Profilomat   ABPM
Disetronic Profilomat II   ABPM
Dinamap 1846 SX   Clinical Use (Automated)
Dinamap 1846 XT   Clinical Use (Automated)
Dinamap 8100   Clinical Use (Automated)
Fortec Dr MI-100   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Hawksley RZS: UK model   Manual
Hawksley RZS: US model   Manual
Healthcheck CX-5 060020   SBPM (Upper Arm)
IEM Mobil-O-Graph (v12)   ABPM
Jotatec P24B   ABPM
Medilog ABP   ABPM
Microlife BP 3BU1-5   SBPM (Wrist)
Nissei Analogue Monitor   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Nissei DS-175   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Nissei DS-240   ABPM
Nissei WS-310   SBPM (Wrist)
Novacor DIASYS 200   ABPM
Novacor DIASYS Integra   ABPM
Omron   HEM-400C SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron   HEM-403C SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron   HEM-703CP SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron   HEM-705CP SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron   HEM-706 SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron   HEM-706/711 SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron   HEM-713C SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron   HEM-722C SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron   HEM-735C SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron   HEM-737 Intellisense SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron M4   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron MIT HEM-751 Clinical Use (Automated)
Omron MX2   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron R3   SBPM (Wrist)
Omron RX   SBPM (Wrist)
Omron RX-M HEM-628 SBPM (Wrist)
Philips HP5308   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Philips HP5306/B   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Philips HP5332   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Rossmax Rossmax   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Save 33 Model 2   ABPM
Schiller BR-102   ABPM
Spacelabs 90202   ABPM
SunTech Medical Accutracker II (30/23)   ABPM
Systema Dr MI-150   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Terumo ES-H531   ABPM
Tycos Instruments QuietTrak   ABPM
Visomat OZ2   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Welch Allyn 'Vital Signs'   CBPM (Auto)


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