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Information about blood pressure measurement, the devices used to measure blood pressure, along with their accuracy and suitability for measurement in clinical settings, the home and hypertension research.

Informationen über die Blutdruckmessung sowie die Genauigkeit und Eignung von Blutdruck-Messgeräten in der Klinik,in der Praxis, für den Heimgebrauch und in der Hochdruckforschung.

Les informations sur la mesure de pression artérielle, les appareils utilisés pour mesurer la pression artérielle, et leur précision et adaptation à la mesure dans le milieu médical, à domicile et la recherche.

La información sobre la medida de la presión arterial, los dispositivos medía la presión arterial, junto con su exactitud y conveniencia para la medida en los ajustes clínicos, el hogar y la investigación de la hipertensión.

Informazioni sulla misurazione della pressione arteriosa e sugli strumenti utilizzati per misurare la pressione arteriosa, insieme a dati sulla loro accuratezza e sulla loro idoneità per misurazioni da effettuare in ambiente clinico, al domicilio del paziente o nella ricerca.

Informatie over bloeddrukmeting en over de apparaten die worden gebruikt om de bloeddruk te meten, met speciale aandacht voor hun nauwkeurigheid en geschiktheid voor toepassing in de kliniek, bij thuismetingen en bij hypertensieonderzoek.


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ESH International Protocol Revision 2010

The International Protocol for the validation of blood pressure measuring devices in adults was revised by the European Society of Hypertension in 20101. A number of modifications in the revised protocol acknowledge that device accuracy has improved with technological advancements, and the passing criteria have been raised to ensure that only the best devices are recommended for clinical use. It superseded the original protocol for new studies that began since 1st July 2010 and it will supersede it for publications from 1st July 2011. Any studies, using the original protocol, that are currently being completed must be published before that date.

With the approval of Blood Pressure Monitoring, the protocol is available here for downloading. The effect of the International Protocol revisions on device accuracy have been evaluated by comparing the accuracy of devices evaluated by the previous and the revised protocol2.

  1. O’Brien E, Atkins N, Stergiou G, Karpettas N, Parati G, Asmar R, Imai Y, Wang J, Mengden T, Shennan A; on behalf of the Working Group on Blood Pressure Monitoring of the European Society of Hypertension. European Society of Hypertension International Protocol revision 2010 for the Validation of Blood Pressure Measuring Devices In Adults. (Download PDF) Blood Press Monit 2010;15:23–38.
  2. Stergiou G, Karpettas N, Atkins N, O’Brien E. European Society of Hypertension International Protocol for the validation of blood pressure monitors: a critical review of its application and rationale for revision. Blood Press Monit 2010; 15:39–48.


Please inform us of any publications relevant to blood pressure measurement and we may include them in the next update.

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