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Declaration of Blood Pressure Measuring Device Equivalence

We welcome manufacturers with devices that have different model numbers and/or names but covered by the same validation study to complete our

Declaration of Blood Pressure Measuring Device Equivalence Form.

(If clicking on the above link does not automatically open the Word document then right click on the link and choose "Save file/target as" from the list of options to save it to your own computer. )

The form is a word document. You can tab from section to section to complete it and click on boxes to tick them, then print it in order for it to be signed and sealed by a Director of the company and a witness before posting it to our address at the bottom of the form.

Please note, applications for Equivalence will only be considered if the applicant is the manufacturer of both devices. Equivalence can only be claimed against a device which has been validated within the past 15 years. The effective date is the date of publication of the original publication.

Once we receive the signed originals they will be reviewed by our Advisory Board before being posted on the website alongside a device's section on the recommendation tables.

For more information see Atkins N, O'Brien E. The dabl Educational Trust device equivalence Procedure Blood Pressure Monitoring 2007;12:245–249.

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