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Validation Procedure For dabl Educational Website

The dabl Educational Advisory Board are pleased to introduce a procedure for the dissemination of the results of validation studies performed on blood pressure measuring devices.

Manufacturers have been understandably concerned that the considerable delay in their device receiving the 'Recommended' rather than the 'Questionable' recommendation is damaging to their marketing process and have questioned the commercial value of investing in a validation study against the short life of a device on the market; clearly a negative attitude to validation based on these commercial realities is counter-productive for the validation process, which is so essential to accurate blood pressure measurement, and so necessary for consumers, be they patients, doctors or health care providers.

Having considered this issue, the members of the Advisory Board have agreed a procedure to expedite posting of validation results on the dabl Educational Trust website (without compromising later publication of a full paper). The following is a summary of the validation service provided:

  1. When a manufacturer engages a laboratory to perform a validation study, it is recommended to manufacturers that all validation studies are notified to the dabl Educational Trust so that a website registry of on-going validation studies can be posted.

  2. The manufacturer is invited to submit the name of the principal investigator of the validation study to the dabl Educational Trust.

  3. The dabl Educational Trust will then send the necessary documentation for completion to the principal investigator.

  4. On receipt of the completed documentation the information will be checked by our researchers and selected members of the Advisory Board.

  5. Results will be posted on the dabl website tables as 'Provisionally Recommended' or 'Not Recommended' for clinical use.

  6. The Principal Investigator is informed of the results and advised to submit the paper for publication together with the dabl Educational Trust assessment so as to assist in the peer review process.

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