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August 24, 2004

Spacelabs Medical’s ABP System
Selected for TV Feature

Issaquah , Washington . . . When the Discovery Network was planning a segment on hypertension for its Health Watch feature, their medical experts looked to Spacelabs Medical to provide the ambulatory blood pressure monitoring equipment necessary to obtain the reliable data they needed. Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring is increasingly used by health professionals to measure blood pressure on an extended basis, thereby providing a more complete diagnostic picture of a subject’s blood pressure status. The Discovery Network segment is scheduled to run on the Discovery Health Network on Sept. 18 and regionally on CNN throughout the month of September. It will also be provided to World Net, which is part of Voice of America Television, seen in more than 127 countries outside the U.S.

The Discovery Network segment points out the dangers of undiagnosed hypertension and the challenges of obtaining an accurate blood pressure profile. Experts have learned that as many as 25% of people who have been diagnosed with high blood pressure don’t actually have hypertension; instead, they have what has been termed “white coat hypertension.” Their pressure is elevated only when measured in the doctor’s office or clinic. The only way to reliably assess this phenomenon is to have the patient wear an ambulatory monitor for 24 hours that records their blood pressure during their normal daily activities and when sleeping.

That is where Spacelabs Medical excels. Its ambulatory blood pressure monitor (ABPM) is acknowledged as the world’s leading system, with more clinical documentation than any other blood pressure monitoring system. “It’s not surprising that the Discovery producers called us,” said Bill Neiger, Director of Business Development. “ Their research indicated that the Spacelabs ambulatory blood pressure product line is the most widely recognized, referenced and utilized in the world. Their call underscores our position as the ‘gold standard’ for ABP monitoring.”

The segment features interviews with renowned hypertension specialists who verify that ABPM reliably provides information to enable the physician to more accurately assess a patient’s risk for heart attack or stroke. It is also used increasingly in clinical trials to assess BP patterns and investigate their relationship to kidney disease, stroke and other conditions.

Spacelabs has recently launched updated software that simplifies the programming and use of their ABPM system. It will be highlighted at the Spacelabs booth at the XXVI Congress of the European Society of Cardiology Aug. 28 – Sept. 1 in Munich . New features ensure data security and enable the user to customize the analysis and reports.

About Spacelabs Medical and Spacelabs Medical Data
Spacelabs Medical, based in Issaquah , WA , U.S. , is a global manufacturer and distributor of patient monitoring systems for critical care, emergency and perioperative areas. Spacelabs also provides wired and wireless networks and clinical information connectivity solutions, ambulatory blood pressure (ABP) monitors and medical data services. It has an installed base of approximately 100,000 patient monitoring units worldwide, including around 60,000 in the U.S. and around 10,000 units in Europe . In addition, there are approximately 30,000 ABP monitors installed on a worldwide basis. Spacelabs has distribution partnerships in approximately 80 countries and sales or regional offices worldwide. Spacelabs employs approximately 800 employees worldwide. Spacelabs Medical is an OSI Systems Company, www.osi-systems.com.

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